Office of Ionian Village Completes IV Next 2021

Ionian Village IV Next 2021

The Office of Ionian Village completed IV NEXT 2021 on Thursday, August 5th, its first program since the summer of 2019. IV Next, funded in part by a generous grant from Leadership 100, provides a unique opportunity for young adults to grow through a hands-on experience with our Greek Orthodox faith and Hellenic identity.

IV Next is a 12-day travel program, which was  supported by a Leadership 100 grant of $74,558 in 2020. The program organizes visits to all the traditional sites of Ionian Village. It allows participants to experience the beauty of Greece, the richness of our faith, and interact with successful professionals from Leadership 100 that give practical advice toward one’s career and faith.

IV Next began in 2018 with a Leadership 100 grant of $101,402 and continued to be funded in 2019 with a $60,000 grant. For young adults across the Archdiocese, the program focuses on the young adult experience of the Greek Orthodox faith and their Hellenic identity.

Dozens of colleges and universities offer study abroad programs in Greece, and many of the programs of the Diaspora offer similar opportunities. However, IV Next is the only travel- based program for young adults that has the Greek Orthodox Faith as a core tenet of the program. Only IV Next combines professional development, international travel, and the Orthodox Faith into one all-inclusive program.

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